I decided to start Juicing (again), and so far so good.

I’m a picky eater, which makes it difficult for me to eat good foods sometimes, though I’ve gotten better bit by bit. Juicing can be difficult because it’s not something I usually like and textures like pulp bug me (I’d remove it all, but hey, it’s still good for you and I’ll get used to it). 

I found a site that gives you a 30 juice challenge. Basically you want to drink one glass a day. What caught my eye though was that they plan it out for you, if you want, it’s just a suggestion. Each day you click on has a different recipe, starting with easier “beginner” drinks and they give you a shopping list for the week. And you can keep track of days by clicking complete on a day when you drink something that day. 

As someone who for years never cooked and made food, which means I have difficulty planning things out, this has helped me a lot. I don’t get stressed out on what recipe to try, I just read and buy what’s said. I don’t over buy, or under buy. And this way I can try a wide variety of drinks, instead of sticking to what I think I’ll like and limiting myself. 

And so far, so good! I’m on day two and today’s drink I’m getting down no problem, it actually tastes pretty good. I tried doing smoothies before as those are popular as well, but I absolutely hated them, juicing is way more my thing. 

If I stick to this I’m sure I’ll feel a lot better. I may eat better then I used to, but it’s still a struggle to get enough veggies in, this is much easier for me. People argue fresh, whole fruit is better, but it’s not always so easy. In my eyes, no veggies vs juice is much better. 

 So yup, just rambling, but I’d definitely recommend giving that link a look if you need more fruit and veggies in your diet but have trouble with it. 








To everyone who says it’s too expensive to eat on a budget. 

I love Twizzlers 

Where the fuck are you people buying your food that it costs so little?!

This is pretty exaggerated and probably doesn’t quite translate to people who live in larger, pricier areas, particularly coastal… It’s more complicated than that, health people. It would be great, yeah! As a diabetic, I have to sort of go for the healthier choices or I’ll die and stuff, but moneywise, it’s easier to order from the dollar menu than it is to get all the ingredients for a meal.

I’d agree and disagree! Living in california, while it is more convenient to buy a fast food meal, it’s about the same cost to go get something healthier. You just have to shop smart and look for the good deals. I got two meals worth of food for less than one combo at a fast food place.